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Reflections on Sustainable News from the World Economic Forum in Davos

Global Risks: Environmental Issues are Growing, Complex, and Disruptive


OTR Wheel Green Carbon: Tire Recycling that Works

It’s always a pleasure to work with a company that listens to its customers, and applies creative thinking to help solve the problems they’re facing.


A New Update on Global Electronic Waste

Ever wonder what happens to all those laptops, cell phones, refrigerators, and other electrical and electronic devices that have reached the end of their useful lives?


Senior Analyst Valentina Prado Brings International Background in LCA, S-ROI

We are delighted to welcome Valentina Prado, PhD, to her role as EarthShift Global’s newest Senior Analyst.


New Perspectives for Green Chemistry

In the traditional linear economy, natural resources are mined from the earth, processed into goods, used until the end of the product lifecycle, and discarded in landfills as waste.


Understanding the Life Cycle Impact Assessment Process: Part III – Modeling Effects and Conclusion

Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) is a central element of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) -- the point in the LCA process where potential environmental impacts of a product or service are identified and quantified.


A Big Picture Look at Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

The combined disciplines of graphic arts and data modeling have provided some amazing new ways of visualizing the intricate details of how our society, country and planet function.


Introducing New Colleagues Caroline Taylor and Jillian Crowley

One of the best aspects of EarthShift Global’s ongoing growth is the arrival of new colleagues.


CILCA 2017: Human Culture and the Natural World in Colombia

One of EarthShift Global’s fundamental business principles is the goal of building better relationships between human culture and the natural world, in socially equitable and economically sound ways.