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The Business Case for Sustainability Assessment

Organizations managing for sustainability focus on the “triple bottom line” — the three bottom lines of planet, people, and profit.


COVID and Climate Hope

Looking back at the advances of 2020 and ahead to our hopes for 2021


New Advances in LCA Provide Quicker, More Robust Results—Learn More!

As Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been increasingly adopted as an analytical tool by corporations, organizations, and public agencies, there’s been a parallel rise in research into how LCA is done and how its utility for sustainability assessment and decision-making can be improved.


Our New Video on Sustainability Attributes vs. Impacts: How LCA Insights Help You Reduce Risk, Serve Customers Better

With ever-increasing interest in sustainability, companies serving both consumer and B-to-B markets often find it beneficial to highlight an attribute of a product, process, or piece of packaging that sounds good from a sustainability perspective.


Congratulating Our Colleague Nathan Ayer on His New Doctorate

We’re tremendously proud of Nathan and his accomplishment, and as part of our congratulations, asked him a few questions about his experience and how he sees it influencing his work going forward.


What is LCA’s Role in Quantifying Social Justice?

Recent Black Lives Matter protests and the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus pandemic on minority populations have heightened societal awareness of systemic inequalities.


How O-LCA Can Identify Your Organization’s Most Effective Ways of Reducing Environmental Impact

Organizations seeking to reduce their environmental impact typically implement a range of different actions. They may focus on reducing emissions from employee commuting by encouraging carpooling, cycling, or (depending on pandemic conditions) use of public transportation or working from home.


Welcoming Dr. Claire A. Nelson to our Technical Advisory Board

Dr. Claire A. Nelson, the newest member of EarthShift Global’s Technical Advisory Board, spent three decades with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), a Washington, DC-based financial institution that lends to 26 member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.


A Passion for Ikebana Provides Insights into Sustainability

Literally translated, ikebana can mean “giving life to flowers.” But it is far more than that.