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Earthshift Global Holiday Playlist 2023

Holiday songs chosen by the Earthshift Global team

As the end of 2023 approaches, we take time to reflect on the past year and express gratitude for our amazing clients and colleagues.

We invite you to share in the sounds of the season by listening to our 2023 Holiday Song Playlist. The playlist, comprised of songs chosen by the EarthShift Global team, reflects the diversity of our team and the many holidays of the season, and is available for free on Spotify and YouTube.

The songs chosen hold special meaning and memories:

"This piece reminds me of the power of music, especially choral hymnals, to simultaneously captivate and calm the soul, and of the tranquil, reflective nature of winter."

"I chose Pipes of Peace by Paul McCartney because of the story of the truce during the War and the call for unity, understanding and love."

"My family always watches 'The Snowman'. This song of a child flying through the air at night, holding a snowman’s hand and looking at some of the wonders of the world on their trip to the North Pole is both lovely and magic inducing for me. The song makes me feel the austere beauty, magnificence and magic of winter."

"This song takes me back to my childhood and all the Christmas good memories."

I chose 'Silent Night' by Frank Sinatra. I have a personal Christmas tradition that I started as a teenager where I try to get outside on Christmas Eve to enjoy the silence. It is usually a rare night in the year when most people are not out and about, and I enjoy the quiet and reflecting on the year and the season. I also remember this being sung in church when I was little, and my Mom playing it at home, so lots of good memories are wrapped up in it."

"'White Winter Hymnal' by Fleet Foxes. To me it’s a song about color in winter. I have fond memories of singing it with my little brother – it can be sung as a “round” (you can have multiple voices sing it starting each one a little after the last, and the different words said at the same time will overlap nicely)."

"My favorite is the Waltz of the Flowers from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. One year when I was little my mom played her Nutcracker Suite album and my whole family ice skated to it on the little pond behind our house. It ended up becoming a yearly and my favorite holiday tradition."

As you reflect on what the holidays mean to you, we wish you and yours a joyous holiday season and a happy 2024.