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LCA Coaching

Expert Guidance on Demand

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Custom coaching to help you advance your sustainability

Whether you are just starting or well along your path to sustainability, our highly experienced coaches can help you develop the knowledge and skills to accomplish your goals and advance your sustainability.

Our coaching is personalized to your needs and tailored to your schedule.

Coaching topics can include:

  • Life cycle assessment (all tools and techniques)

  • Sustainable Return on Investment (all tools and techniques)

  • Sustainability education/training

  • Sustainability strategy development

  • New product/innovation development

  • Sustainable branding, marketing, and communications

  • Review of analyses, reports, suppliers, marketing & sales materials, etc.

EarthShift Global coaches have extensive experience guiding sustainability, and we’ve worked with organizations of all types and sizes. We will work closely with you to provide the support and resources to support your sustainability goals while also addressing the risks of greenwashing and green blushing.

We are available by the hour or in 10-hour blocks of time. Extend or cancel your coaching arrangement at any time.

Availability and Cost: As Scheduled

We are happy to discuss your needs and design a custom solution to fit your situation. Please call +1 (207) 608-6228, contact us by email for a personal consultation, or use our consulting and coaching services inquiry form.