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Why EarthShift Global

Since 2000, EarthShift Global has helped hundreds of organizations advance their sustainability

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When you work with EarthShift Global, you get direct access to distinguished sustainability consulting experts who’ve won praise (and repeat business) from hundreds of clients including HP, GE, Dow, YFYJupiter, Cotton Incorporated., Navitas Semiconductor, and the FDA.

Helping clients achieve their goals for better prosperity through sustainability is central to our company values.

Prospective clients and partners often ask what sets EarthShift Global apart from other sustainability and LCA providers. We’ve distilled our most meaningful points of difference into what we refer to as the "EarthShift Global 5 Es":


We are known for our ability to provide impactful, measurable solutions to our clients' most pressing opportunities and challenges. Clients choose us because of our distinctive ability to go beyond cookie-cutter LCA to provide unique insights and innovations that lead to more effective solutions. Read more about our case studies here.


Our analysts and consultants are acknowledged experts in life cycle assessment (LCA) and sustainability. We are known throughout the LCA community as thought leaders in the application and advancement of life cycle assessment, sustainability return on investment, and other sustainability-related analytical approaches. To learn more about our team, click here


We have over 20 years experience across a breadth of industries, governmental organizations, and non-profits of all sizes and stages, from R&D/start-up to Fortune 500 organizations. To learn more about the industries in which we’ve done work, click here.


We listen closely to the needs of our clients and care as much about the quality of the working relationship as the work itself. We provide a spectrum of support choices – from coaching/training to develop your in-house client expertise to full-service projects managed by ESG with client input. Unlike other LCA providers who restrict client access to the client’s LCA model and data, we provide these to our clients for no additional cost, thus supporting our clients’ ability to support their sustainability efforts with additional modeling.


Our earth-focused version of authenticity means everything we do, from the type of work we do to our choice of ink and paper-saving fonts, is intended to reduce the impact on the earth. Every member of the ESG team is committed to sustainability and we celebrate and support our employees in their own personal and community sustainability efforts.

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