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EarthShift Global Announces Expanded Branding and Communications Services

New Services help clients leverage their life cycle assessment and sustainability initiatives


EarthShift Global Introduces New Branding and Communications Services

To Support Advancement of Client Sustainability Initiatives

KITTERY, Maine – July 14, 2022 

EarthShift Global (ESG)—a leading sustainability consultancy—has introduced an expanded suite of Branding and Communications Services designed to help clients more fully benefit from their life cycle assessments (LCA) and other sustainability initiatives. The Sustainable Branding and Communications services include:

Communicating Technical Results. Effective communication of technical results (such as LCA) with internal and external stakeholders to create shared understanding and commitments

Customer and Market Insights. Develop a deep understanding of relevant market trends and customer insights to craft a winning brand proposition;

Competitor Intelligence. Identify the key elements of competitor efforts to augment strategies and tactics;

Brand Strategy, Positioning, and Messaging. Craft a differentiated position customers care about—and communicate it effectively, authentically, and consistently;

Brand Risk Assessment. Leverage investments in sustainability while avoiding the risks of ‘greenwashing’ and ‘greenblushing’;

Sustainability-focused Training. Teach best practices to internal teams and developing organization-wide knowledge of, passion for, and engagement in sustainability efforts.

“There is enormous upside for companies that effectively integrate and communicate their sustainability,” says Founder and CEO Lise Laurin, “but accomplishing that is much easier said than done. With over twenty years of experience with hundreds of clients, our team knows the intricacies: how to leverage credentials, tell potent stories with complex data, use market trends to advantage, and more. Expanding our Sustainable Branding and Communications services is a natural fit for us, and we’re excited to be able to provide value for our clients in this area.”

EarthShift Global’s Sustainable Branding and Communications services are led by Karen Martinsen Fleming, an accomplished brand marketer and strategist who oversaw the rebranding and national launch of Seventh Generation and Stonyfield. She has helped guide the development of sustainable and profitable brands with B2C and B2B organizations of all types and sizes.

Contact EarthShift Global by email ([email protected]) or visit www.earthshiftglobal.com to learn more.

About EarthShift Global:

EarthShift Global is a leader in life cycle assessment and sustainability-based consulting, software, training, and communications. We empower organizations to confidently make impactful, fact-based decisions that shift their organizational and sustainability performance and support clients across a broad range of industries—successfully building trust in their brands, improving environmental performance, and increasing corporate sustainability ratings. We’ve earned repeat engagements from hundreds of clients including HP, GE, Dow, YFYJupiter, Cotton Incorporated, and Navitas Semiconductor. For more information, visit www.earthshiftglobal.com and follow EarthShift Global on Twitter and LinkedIn.