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Free Webinar: How LCA Aided Policy Development in Colombia and a Shift Away from Coca to other Crops

Date: January 20, 2022

Time: 1:00-2:00pm EDT

Lead Presenter: Juanita Barrera, EarthShift Global

By applying Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods and incorporating socioeconomic indicators, Juanita Barrara, EarthShift Global sustainability analyst, along with Valentina Prado, EarthShift Global senior sustainability advisor, identified a number of environmental and social tradeoffs connected to the switchover from coca crops to legal alternatives (cacao, coffee, and sugarcane) in two regions of Colombia with different cultivation and trading dynamics.

Read more about this study and how the LCA process can support policy development and reduce social and environmental impacts.

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New Study: Making French Fries with Cottonseed Oil Could Significantly Reduce Climate Change Impacts

French fries

US-produced cottonseed oil’s advantages come from sharing cultivation impacts with cotton for textiles, and long-term impact reduction efforts by cotton producers

With the average American consuming 39 pounds of French fries annually, and McDonalds alone serving up some 9 million pounds a day around the world, the vegetable oil used for frying those potatoes is a big business — and a significant contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

As brands in the food sector seek to lower their GHG emissions, there is increasing interest in lower-impact vegetable oils, and a need for science-based data that can inform planning and decision-making. A team from EarthShift Global and the Cotton Inc. not-for-profit research organization provides just that in a new article, Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Edible Vegetable Frying Oils, which finds that US-produced refined cottonseed oil (CSO (U.S.)) offers substantially lower climate change impacts than common frying oils like palm, soybean, and canola.

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