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June 2023 The Shift e-newsletter

New Asian Office | Decision Analysis Webinar | Welcome Dr. Kiyotada Hayashi | Upcoming Training

EarthShift Global is Now in Asia

Due to increased demand for our services, we are excited to announce our official expansion into Asia with the establishment of our new Asian division.

The new division, based in Japan, will be led by Dr. Kiyotada Hayashi, a highly experienced expert on life cycle assessment (LCA). Dr. Hayashi also contributed to the development of the Sustainable ROI methodology and has extensive experience in food & agriculture.

Please read more and join us for Dr. Hayashi's free webinar (see below).

Free Webinar:

LCA in Reality: From Data to Decisions

DATE: June 22, 2023

TIME: 10:00am - 11:00am ET

PRESENTER: Dr. Kiyotada Hayashi


Life cycle assessment (LCA) has become an essential tool in facilitating the sustainability of our society. However, certain issues, such as handling tradeoffs and understanding which impacts are most important, sometimes appear vague and elusive and still need to be resolved. Fortunately, decision analysis, a science of decision making, can provide a clearer perspective of those issues, ranging from data gaps in life cycle inventory analysis to weighting in life cycle impact assessment. This webinar exemplifies how the decision-analytic approach provides remedies and prescriptions to improve our LCA practices.


Join us in this Brown Bag Webinar focused on decision support by EarthShift Global’s Senior Sustainability Advisor and Asian Manager, Dr. Kiyotada Hayashi.

Dr. Hayashi studied multicriteria decision analysis for many years prior to his application of that learning to LCA.

Registration for and recordings of the Brown Bag Webinars can be found here.

Agricultural LCA Research and Policy Veteran Dr. Kiyotada Hayashi Joins EarthShift Global; Will Head New Asian Office in Japan

Dr. Kiyotada Hayashi

Dr. Kiyotada Hayashi comes to us from Japan’s National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, where he has held increasingly higher-ranking positions, serving most recently as senior principal researcher. He brings 35 years of experience in agricultural research and policy development, including more than two decades of focus on sustainability and life cycle topics.

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Upcoming Online Training

Introduction to Sustainability Assessment

June 15, 2023

Social Impact Assessment, Sustainability-ROI

June 27, 2023