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LCA and Sustainability Consulting

Practical, Purposeful Collaboration

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Practical, Purposeful Sustainability and LCA Consulting

  • Experienced Sustainability Consultants With Focused Expertise
  • Success with Companies Large and Small, NGOs, Government Agencies
  • Lighten Your Footprint with New Products, Services, Business Models

Choosing a sustainability consultant? Here are three valuable suggestions, based on our 20-plus years of providing sustainability and LCA consulting services:

  • Look for a team that will probe your organization and data for leverage points. Here’s an example: You already know that reducing energy consumption will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. A good consulting partner will uncover areas in your processes and supply chain where an energy reduction program can make the most difference. That translates into return on your investment.
  • Look beyond reporting. If all you get from your consultant is a final project report, it most likely will gather dust on a shelf. Effective partners will provide training and coaching in interpretation and implementation, so you learn more and gain new internal capabilities from the study.
  • Make sure YOU own the data and models developed on your project. The implications of this might surprise you.  Many consultancies retain ownership of the data and model for client projects.  By comparison, EarthShift Global provides you with your data and model.

You and your priorities are the focus at EarthShift Global, whether it’s a major initiative involving novel research or project-based assistance that might only take a few hours. Our consulting team has compiled a two-decade track record of successful client-oriented engagements on projects in dozens of business sectors.

We also help address your unique situation by developing custom sustainability software tools that allow non-LCA teams to model and apply the results in a way that makes sense to them and to the company.

Everyone at EarthShift Global brings a potent combination of tools to bear on your project, including academic training and hands-on business experience – you can review our backgrounds here. But we also know that interpersonal skills and collaborative instincts are just as important. We listen, adapt, and WORK to help your organization and team members innovate and grow while lightening our footprint on the planet.

“It has been a great pleasure for OTR Wheel Engineering’s Green Carbon division to work with EarthShift Global on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction at our tire recycling operations. I remember saying after our first conference call in 2013 that our partnership with Lise Laurin and her team would be long and productive, and that has very much proven to be the case.”

Warren Boelhouwer, Green Carbon Division of OTR Wheel Engineering

How We Provide Actionable Insights

Delivering great value for your investment is our first priority. We orient our efforts towards achieving your goals, whether you need to

  • Understand where your company has leverage in the world of sustainability
  • Prove the value of a process change or product redesign
  • Ensure that your sustainability policies and tactics can stand up to tough scrutiny
  • Identify risks in your supply chain or corporate practices

We understand that part of your job is conveying persuasive information to managers, co-workers, investors, and other audiences. Our experience working within organizations helps you accomplish this, by cultivating effective stories and communication strategies while upholding sustainability principles and best practices.

Sustainability assessment in all of its forms is relatively new. Many of the latest innovations make it easier (and less expensive) to identify where a change will benefit you, the environment and society. By working with the research community and contributing to international standards and key conferences, we bring that perspective, and an ever-present collaborative spirit, to you.

We’ll also help you and your colleagues add to your knowledge base, with training and skill improvement that make you more effective advocates for sustainable business practices. We can even combine consulting and educational services to create a learn-by-doing curriculum that focuses on the exact skills that you and your colleagues need the most.

This approach reflects our corporate mission, to help organizations establish better relationships with the world and its natural resources. We have helped train many of today’s most prominent sustainability experts, and take pride in helping advance you and your organization.

You’re Not Locked In By Our Data Policy

Before engaging any sustainability consultant, ask about their data ownership policy and be sure you understand the implications of their answer. 

EarthShift Global’s policy is straightforward and designed with your best interests in mind:

  • Data collected in the course of your project is yours, and you’re free to use it however you like.
  • We're rigorous about data security, you'll always have access to the model we build in its original format, and we will support your importing it into a different tool.
  • You have full freedom to export data, share it with others, publish where and when you want.

You might find that other consultants do things differently, in ways that can constrain your activities going forward. Be an educated client!

EarthShift Global is a recognized leader in the Life Cycle Assessment community:

  • Representation on the ACLCA Board of Directors
  • SETAC North America Life Cycle Assessment Advisory Board Steering Committee
  • UNEP SETAC Life Cycle Initiative
  • ISO TAGs on Life Cycle Assessment and Ecolabels
  • Leadership of the LCA Capability Roadmap

We have worked on single-product LCAs, comparative assertions, policy LCAs, and many, many screening-level LCAs and critical reviews. In each case, we strive to educate our clients as we go, ensuring that they gain skills to apply the results to their specific situations. 

Please call +1 (207) 608-6228, contact us by email for a personal consultation or use our contact form.